Through power, we empower.

florrent is a minority-owned, Massachusetts-based company innovating to create the next generation of high energy density ultracapacitors from hemp biomass grown regeneratively by BIPOC farmers that will stabilize electrical grids and address critical bottlenecks for the adoption of renewable energies, electric vehicles, and electric buildings.


florrent is becoming a cornerstone of the just energy transition to a resilient, renewable, and equitable energy economy.


florrent’s core technical innovation is our ultracapacitor active material, Contoured Carbon™—a uniquely derived pure-carbon electrode energy storage medium designed to bring exceptional performance to our symmetric EDL Capacitors, giving 2x greater performance on energy density than standard supercapacitor cells.


Our strength as a company resides in our personal commitments to the company’s mission, and the culture we’ve built that ensures our company remains a learning organization driven by mutual respect, trust, open and honest communication, diversity, and innovation.


Through collaboration, we foster invaluable relationships with our partners and affiliates, driving our organization’s growth, innovation, and creating an incredible impact together.

Learn More About Investing, Deploying Our Ultracapacitors, or Joining the Team

florrent is scaling rapidly to unlock a world powered by clean energy and increase the stability and resiliency of the world’s electrical infrastructure.

Please contact us if you’re interested in investing in florrent, deploying our best in class ultracapacitors, or joining our talented, fast growing team.