Our Impact

Our Social Impact

Driving change beyond our product offerings

We are intentional in choosing who gets the benefit of what we produce and how we produce it.

Our Leadership

florrent is proudly a minority founded, owned, and led company.

Our Supplier Network

florrent’s biomass feedstock is sourced from a growing network of Black and Indigenous farmers.

Our Value Chain

florrent champions rural economic development and localized manufacturing.

Our Team

florrent has an industry-leading corporate commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Our Environmental Impact

A cornerstone of the just energy transition

We are dedicated to revolutionizing industry environmental impact standards without sacrificing quality.

Enabling Renewables

We target gigaton scale impact on carbon.

Sequestering Carbon

We value regenerative agriculture.

Reducing Waste

We address toxic battery pollution.

Learn More About Investing, Deploying Our Ultracapacitors, or Joining the Team

florrent is scaling rapidly to unlock a world powered by clean energy and increase the stability and resiliency of the world’s electrical infrastructure.

Please contact us if you’re interested in investing in florrent, deploying our best in class ultracapacitors, or joining our talented, fast growing team.