Meet Our Team

Dr. Fred Baker

Fred has applied his broad background in materials science and organic chemistry to the development of innovative, bio-based carbon materials and technologies for diverse industries, including automotive, energy efficiency, biochemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemicals. Application areas of particular expertise for use of activated carbon and/or carbon fibre materials include: energy storage in electric double layer capacitors (EDLC, a.k.a. “super” and “ultra” capacitors); energy storage in secondary batteries (e.g., lithium ion); evaporative loss control devices (ELCD) for capture of fugitive gasoline emissions on motor vehicles; adsorbed gas storage on highly nanoporous carbon at relatively low pressures (e.g., methane, hydrogen, toxic gases); electrical swing adsorption (ESA) systems for gas capture (e.g., CO2) and gas separations (e.g., N2 and O2 from air, CH4 and H2S from natural gas); carbon-based catalysts for both gas and liquid phase applications; and purification of drinking water (removal of contaminants, including chlorine and chloramine disinfectant residues).