About Us

florrent is a Massachusetts-based, minority-owned deep-tech company innovating to
design and build the next generation of high energy density ultracapacitors that will stabilize electrical grids and address critical bottlenecks for the adoption of renewable energies, electric vehicles, and net-zero buildings. Our ultracapacitors are manufactured
in Western Massachusetts from abundant and regenerative hemp biomass, grown domestically in the US by Black and Indigenous farmers.

Mission & Vision

florrent will be a cornerstone of the just energy transition to a resilient, renewable, and equitable energy economy. Our products enable a constellation of energy sovereign communities to generate, store, and use renewable power locally. Gigawatts of our ultracapacitors will be deployed across the world, sequestering megatons of carbon into the soil. 

Values & Impact

At florrent, we are not just striving to unlock a world powered by clean energy. We believe that how we get there and who we bring along on the journey are just as important, and that diverse teams generate more innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. At every possible stage of our value chain, florrent will be a contributor in restoring humanization and self-determination to historically oppressed peoples and communities. 

The Challenge We're Solving

Renewables & batteries alone cannot support our electrifying world

Today’s electrical grid was not designed to balance variable and intermittent energy production from distributed renewable sources like wind and solar against the increasingly dynamic power demands of ubiquitous EV charging and all-electric buildings. 








As renewables and electrification rapidly expand, high power transients will overburden conventional battery systems deployed on the grid. Batteries are like marathon runners that do well running hours over flat ground at steady state, but struggle to sprint the peaks. florrent’s ultracapacitors are the sprinters that will keep battery systems operating longer and safer. 

Pairing ultracapacitors with conventional grid batteries to handle the expensive grid demands of the future will improve grid profitability and reliability, putting the focus back where we need it: on the decarbonizing technologies of the future


Learn More About Investing, Deploying Our Ultracapacitors, or Joining the Team

florrent is scaling rapidly to unlock a world powered by clean energy and increase the stability and resiliency of the world’s electrical infrastructure.

Please contact us if you’re interested in investing in florrent, deploying our best in class ultracapacitors, or joining our talented, fast growing team.

Partnerships & Affiliations

University of Massachusetts


University of Washington

Clean Energy Testbeds

Oregon State University

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Greentown Labs


CleanTech Open

Accelerator Program

Genoverde Biosciences

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