Prithvi Ravi

Prithvi is currently a Materials Science and Engineering student at Drexel University in Philadelphia. His research in developing cathodes for energy storage devices and interest in environmentally friendly routes for energy storage led him to join florrent. Prithvi is enthusiastic to explore the diverse methods employed in the fabrication of supercapacitors and the various techniques […]

Ryan Tarrant

Ryan is an experienced R&D Engineering Manager and Senior Process Engineer with a demonstrated history of design, engineering, and improvement of thermochemical, supercritical, flammable, and corrosive fluid systems. He has an established laboratory and process safety background with an extensive familiarity of OSHA and NFPA regulations and codes. Ryan received his Master of Science in […]

Jamie Santiago

Jamie is passionate about sustainable supply chains and ethical engineering. With a background in researching material alternatives derived from hemp, mycelium, and seaweed, Jamie’s interest in activated carbon led him to join the University of Oregon’s Electrochemistry Technology Masters program.

Holly Nguyen

Holly is a business operations associate at florrent. She recently graduated Suffolk University with a BS in Public Relations and minor in Finance. Holly’s experience throughout her college career includes project management at Cleantech Open Northeast, the world’s largest cleantech accelerator, and investment operations at Azolla Ventures. These experiences cultivated her passion for helping startups […]

Dr. Emily Carino

Emily’s passion for research has deep roots in analytical chemistry. While a PhD student at UT Austin, she was mesmerized by explicit solvation interactions occurring at electrified interfaces. Before joining florrent, Emily worked on redox flow batteries and other emerging energy storage materials at Argonne National Lab’s Joint Center for Energy Storage Research.