Chris Hohman

Christopher is a start-up executive achieving success with flexible, process-driven leadership. Building value through engagement of stakeholders by prioritizing clarity, accountability, trust, and quality of information. He is technologically curious, entrepreneurially motivated. He has recently become an advisor for Florrent.

Chuck Nichols

Chuck is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur whose storied career has ranged from the invention of audio digital signal processing in the 70’s to scaling up businesses built around advanced manufacturing processing of biomass feedstocks. Chuck is bringing this experience to bear in R&D and scale up of florrent’s activated carbon production.

Dr. Fred Baker

Fred has applied his broad background in materials science and organic chemistry to the development of innovative, bio-based carbon materials and technologies for diverse industries, including automotive, energy efficiency, biochemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemicals. Application areas of particular expertise for use of activated carbon and/or carbon fibre materials include: energy storage in electric double […]

Dr. Porter Mitchell

Porter is a results-oriented scientist and process development engineer, technical researcher and technical group leader with more than thirty years of industrial experience in the development of energy storage products. He has a strong record of research in the fields of: high solids coating and slurry processing of battery materials, formulation development; materials development including […]